Classroom Rules

    • Students will treat everyone with respect and courtesy
    • All students are expected to come to class with a positive attitude and ready to learn
    • All students will be on time and should bring required materials to class (pencil, folder, assignments, etc.)
    • Students are not permitted to have gum, candy, food, and/or drink in the CAD or Wood Laboratory (unless permitted for medical reasons)
    • Work areas are to be left in a neat and orderly fashion. Chairs pushed in, and any module equipment turned off. Students should also log off computers at the end of each class period.
    • No students are permitted to use any computer or machinery without a certified Technology Education teacher present
    • Students are expected to handle themselves in an appropriate manner conducive to a safe working environment
    • Students are expected to pay close attention and adhere to all CAD and Wood Laboratory rules
    • All Southern Lehigh Middle School rules apply in the S.T.E.M. Laboratories as well

    Created by John McDonald
    Last Updated 04/19/2017
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