Contact Numbers

  • The Blackboard Connect System delivers two main types of messages:       

    1. "Outreach" messages are those used for most communications. These are short informational announcements concerning school closings or delays, student absences from school, or notices about important school events. Messages are generally short in length, lasting 30 - 60 seconds. Outreach messages are delivered to ONE main phone number, and up to TWO e-mail addresses.
    2. "Emergency" messages are used only for serious emergencies, where the District would need to communicate quickly to all emergency contacts. Emergency messages will be delivered to up to SIX phone numbers and TWO e-mail addresses. These would include the same contacts as the Outreach messages plus up to four additional emergency contacts provided.

    Please note: the system is unable to dial work extension numbers. Please provide only direct phone numbers. These may include cell phones.