Course Description and Requirements

  • Requisitos - Requirements - Exigence

    Successful Spanish/French students spend time reviewing what they have learned in class almost daily, doing their homework, and  preparing for tests and quizzes.


    All grades will be based on a point system.


    Homework will be given almost every class to reinforce the day's lesson. It will be worth between 2 and 5 points depending upon the length and difficulty of the assignment.  Homework will not be assigned a class before a test/quiz. If any assignment  is not turned in by the due date, a zero will be recorded.


    Quizzes, tests, and projects may take variety of forms: Written, oral presentations, and /or role-playing. Quizzes/tests will be made up the same week of the test or the following class meeting. Quizzes/Tests not taken during that period of time will result in a zero.

    Mid-Terms and Finals

    All Spanish and French classes are required to take a mid-term and final exams.


    All students are responssible to find out what they missed due to an absence. Each student must see me upon their return to school to gather missed assignments. Remember it is the student's responsbility to see me to make up any quiz/test missed for any reason.
    I will be abailable after school or on Wednesdays during  nineth period for extra help.