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    Deben estudiar!  Vous devez etudier! You need to study!

    The 8th. Grade Spanish I 
    Test on Chapter 2A and 2B  
    Thursday Dec. 15 

    The 8th. Grade French I 
    Test on Unité 3 leçon 7 -Er verbs and expressions of what ones wants, would like and dislikes. Monday Dec. 19th.

    The 7th. Grade French Classes Test on the week of January 9th. 2017, Tentative.
    Students must study: School Subjects, the verb Avoir (to have) Agreeing and Disagreeing expressions 
    Last an final exam witl be the week of January 16th.
    The 7th. Grade Spanish Classes 

    Spanish/French Classes will not have Mid-term Exams. 

    Final Exam for 7th and 8th. Grade Spanish and French Classes:

    The last week of May.

    If you have to make up a test or finish one, please come to my classroom at 7:30 AM to make up/finish the missed test

    Good Luck! Study
    Remember if you need help come to me during homeroom.