• Grade 7 French/Spanish Classes:
    Due to the duration and the amount of times we meet, my 7th grade students will not have any projects this semester.

    Grade 8 French/Spanish Classes:
    Spanish and French students have short and extended projects throughout the year.
    Both Spanish and French Classes are going to have an ongoing project till the end of the year as a portion of their final exam. Students will have to create their own unique, personalized Google Site about themselves in which they will write three blog entries based on the themes we learn in class. For each written blog entry they will record themselves speaking as a sample of their oral communication skills. 
    Their Google Side must include three entries blogs and recordings, along with pictures, videos, music or any other school-appropriate suplemental materials that might help us know each student better. The blog entries will be grade on spelling, grammar,and work ethic. That grade will then become part of their final project grade. Audio will be recorded as each blog post is completed.