Español 8vo Grado - Course Overview

  • Bienvenidos a la clase de  Español

    Advanced Spanish - Eight Grade

    Dear families:

    The Spanish Immersion program at Southern Lihigh School District will continue the intensity of the prior school years . The eight graders involved in the Spanish Immersion program will have the Advanced Spanish Language class on a daily basis. Students will be challenged with several assignments involving reading, writing, speaking, listening, and problem solving activities. Most of these activities will take place both in the school and outside it. The students will be encouraged to constantly practice the material learned in the classroom, and to share new knowledge with their classmates, friends and families.


    Course Description

    During this class, close attention is given to grammatically correct communication in Spanish through role playing, oral presentations, and other group activities. Grammar and new vocabulary are introduced in the context of short stories, mini-novels, folkloric plays, some T.V. programs, some videos, newspapers, magazines articles, an the text books.



    -          Modes and tenses

    -          Uses of the verb to be (ser and estar)

    -           Using the verb to know (saber and conocer)

    -          Adjective and placement of adjectives

    -          Uses of prepositions (por vs. para)

    -          Reflexive verbs and pronouns

    -          Subjunctive modes and tenses

    -           Imperative Mode

    -           Conditional Mode and tenses

    -          Impersonal Mode

    -          Study of Cultures

    -          Music rhythms activities

    -          Literary analysis

    -          Real and fiction writings

    The students are required to bring to class writing utensils, a notebook, and their homework. Class participation is imperative. Te class texbook will stay in the classroom but could be signed out.

    Please contact me with any questions via email at, or to (610) 282 3700      ext. 6115