Español 7mo Grado - Minis 2 & 3

  • Bienvenidos a la Clase de Español

    Advanced Spanish- 7th. Grade

    Dear families:

    The Spanish Immersion program at Southern Lihigh School District will continue its intensity this school year. The seven graders will receive two back-to-back mini-cycles focusing on Spanish cultures and grammar.  These classes will be a great enrichment to the material learned in their social studies class. Students will be challenged with several assignments involving reading, writing, speaking, listening and problem solving. Most of these activities will take place in and out of the school.

    Course Description

    The students will be introduced to several different cultural practices taking place in the Spanish speaking world. We will investigate the nations in the planet where Spanish is the main language and will explore some of their cultural practices. Close attention is given to grammatically correct communication in Spanish through oral presentations and other interacting activities. New vocabulary is introduced in the context of short stories and mini-novels, some T.V. shows, some videos, newspapers, magazine articles and textbooks.



    -          Review regular and irregular verbs and conjugations

    -          Practice the use of the verb to be

    -          Differentiate prepositions uses

    -          Study of cultures

    -          Music rhythm activities

    -          Literary analysis

    The students are required to come prepared to class. (Writing utensils, books, completed homework).

    Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. Via email:, or to (610) 282 3700 ext. 6115