S.I. 7th Grade - Program overview

  • Social Studies - S.I. 7th. Grade

    Dear families:

    The social studies Spanish Immersion program, for 7th Grade, at Southern Lihigh School District will focus on the study of Latin America, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.  Even though this class is given 100% in Spanish, some English resources, mainly from the internet, would be researched. We will meet on a daily basis and only the social studies knowledge and understanding of this subject will be assessed in this class.

    Course Description

    The students will be introduced to map skills; the five themes of geography; some history, human and physical geography of Asia, Africa and Latin America.


    Contents: (these contents involve all the regions to be studied)

    -          Current events

    -          The five themes of geography

    -          Map skills

    -          Asia - history - human and physical geography

    -          Africa- History and human and physical  geography

    -          Latin America  - History and human and physical geography

    -          World cultures

    -          Political knowledge

    The students are required to come prepared to class. (Writing utensils, books, completed homework).

    Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. Via email: rodriguezf@slsd.org, or to (610) 282 3700 ext. 6115