S.I. 8th Grade - Course Overview

  • Social Studies S.I. Eight Grade

    Dear Families:

    The social studies Spanish Immersion program at Southern Lihigh School District will continue its intensity this school year. As in other grade levels, the content of this class is exactly the same one presented to the rest of the school eight grade population. The main focus of this year social studies is American History from 1492 to the 1850's. Even though this class is given 100% in Spanish, some English resources would be researched. We will meet on a daily basis and only the social studies knowledge and understanding will be assessed in this class.

    Course Description

    The students will be introduced to the historic events that shaped our nation from a "discovery" review in 1492 to to Roanoke, to the first successful  British settlement in 1607 and 1620. Then, an overview of colonial America until Georgia was founded in 1733 will be presented. From there, the students will experience how the colonies interacted with Great Britain and each other and how they got involved in a war for independence. After the treaty of Paris, 1783, the students will explore the experimentation of a new form of government starting with the confederate Papers, following with the Constitution and ending with the election of a president. After this, students will learn and understand about several different presidents' philosophies and the birth of political parties. This historical journey will end with the conflicts leading to the American Civil War



    -         Europeans in the Americas

    -          Colonization, the 13 colonies

    -          Conflict and war for independence

    -          The Treaty of Paris of 1783

    -          The Confederate Articles(Articles of Confederation) – 1777 to 1789

    -          Constitutional Convention

    -          The American Constitution

    -          The new government- presidents

    -          Western expansion and new conflicts.

    The students are required to come prepared to class. (Writing utensils, books, completed homework).

    Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. Via email: rodriguezf@slsd.org, or to (610) 282 3700 ext. 6115