Emergency Lesson Plan - Use link on this lesson plan to access the electronic textbook

  • Emergency Lesson Plan- Francisco Rodriguez - 2015- 2016


    Duties – Hallway duty every morning from 7:35 to 7:45 (8th grade hallway)

       Daily ISS- all year during period 1 if required

                   Be open to assist others when needed during any free Pd.


    Classes: Look at schedules on the wall – Schedules change according to the days


    1st Pd. Prep - ISS if required

    2nd Pd. Advanced Spanish days A and D – Seven Graders

    3rd Pd. Advanced Spanish days C and F – Seven Graders

    4th Pd. American History in Spanish - Eight graders

    5th Pd. Advanced Spanish – Eight Graders

    Lunch ---------------------------------------------

    6th Pd. Virtual Japanese

    7th Pd. World Geography in Spanish – Seven Graders

    8th Pd. Activity (Tuesdays and Thursdays)


     Take attendance before the beginning of all classes


    Hard copy of class rosters can be found in the green folder on my desk


    The weekly lesson plans are on the electronic Plan-book. (Password: socialstudies). An overall schedule can be found on my webpage (go to teacher’s pages) under the title “this week”


    Material can be found in the classroom shelves and drawers. The main books for social studies are electronic books and are found in discoveryeducation.com  (this emergency plan can be accessed through my web page) Students know how to access them (student IDsl, password is student ID).


    During the 1st and 4th marking periods my activity is outside soccer – There are soccer balls in the closet. The activity takes place on the field-hokey field.  During the 2nd and 3rd marking periods my activity is Latino dancing. This activity takes place at the voice’s café or the cafeteria. Use my stereo and iPod for music.  Cristina Gruver offers this activity too, and we do it together.


    Check student’s IEP’s, they are link to their names on the electronic roster.