Classroom News - Look, this is going on this week!

  • Week of 5/22/2017 to 5/26/2017

    Spanish  7th. Grade (2nd and 3rd.  Pd's)- Japanese 7th. Grade (3rd. Pd.)

    Monday Day F-3rd. Pd. Spanish- Prepositions 
    TuesdayDay A- 2nd. Pd. Spanish Prepositions
     Day A- 3rd. Pd. Cyber Japanese
    WednesdayDay B-
    ThursdayDay C-3rd. Pd. Spanish- Prepositions    

    FridayDay D - 2nd. pd. Spanish Prepositions
                   Day D - 3rd. Pd. Cyber Japanese 

    Social Studies 8th Grade (4th pd.)

    MondayCh 8, IE&R -Reform Movements

    Tuesday-Ch 8, -Reform Movements

    Wednesday- Ch. 8,- Reform Movements

    Thursday- Final Exam review

    Friday- Final Exam review 

    Advanced Spanish  8th. Grade (5th. pd)

    MondayIndefinite Preterit (simple past)

    TuesdayPreterit (past)

    Wednesday- Final exam Preparation

    Thursday - Final exam preparation 

    Friday- Final exam preparation 

    Japanese6th pd.)

    Monday through Friday

    This is a cyber class taught by a teacher outside the school district. All teaching and assignments are given by the cyber teacher. I am the proctor and intermediary between the teacher, the students and the school district. 

    Social Studies 7th. Grade  (7th. Pd.)

    Monday -LA Human Environment Interaction

    TuesdayL.A. Human environment interaction

    Wednesday-L.A. Human Environment Interaction

    Thursday- Final exam preparation

    Friday- Final exam preparation

    -Activity   (8th Pd.)



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