Mr. Rodriguez Newsletter - Mr. Rodriguez Weekly News

  • Newsletter 2016-2017      

    Week of 5/15/ 2017 to 5/19/2017  

    Your child (children) needs to be responsible for all materials. 
    • Our guidance counselor is Mrs. Anne Cooper (610-282-3700, ext. 6550),
    • Each 7th grade academic subject teacher will meet with your child for one-on-one help sessions if needed. We are available after school until 3:15 p.m. by appointment.
    • I also make this help available to eight graders who may need it.
    • My students may come in early in the morning (7:00) if they need any help with the subjects I teach them. (either 7th or 8th graders) 
    Mr. Rodriguez ( Social Studies, Immersion and Advanced Spanish
    Eight Grade- Spanish Immersion

    Under the subtitles: U.S. History 8 and 
    A History of US, on my presentation page, your child will find access to these  two electronic copies of American history books in Spanish. The school also provides an electronic Social Studies book through Discovery Education. (all the students have access to these books)

    The class is working on the Industrial Revolution, Urbanization and Immigration and Reform Movements. The students are also required to know the president's name, in the order they were in office, from George Washington to Abraham Lincoln. 
    S.S. Seventh graders.
    The class is working on geography of Latin America. Following, we will work on human environment interaction and finally on people and culture of the region. The students are required to learn the names of 24 Latin American Capital Cities

    Advanced Spanish (7TH)
    The class is learning Spanish Prepositions. 

    Advanced Spanish (8th)
    After completion of the new vocabulary exercises, the class will proceed to the reading of Yucatán. Here the students will demonstrate reading comprehension skills. Following, this activity, the class will work on  a word exercise from their workbook and textbook as well. The class is also  reading Spanish literature on Fridays. This independent reading assignment is monitored/assessed by the completion of a reading log in which the students write down the unknown words causing difficulties with their understanding of the book message. I interact with the class defining those difficult words. At the end of the class period, the students write a couple of sentences telling what is happening on the story, and a couple of sentences writing their prediction on the story.

    Japanese (7th and 8th graders)
    These 2 classes are cyber courses instructed by teachers outside the School district. I am the proctor/facilitator    
    • Activity (7th and 8th)- Advanced Spanish