Be Prepared for Class!

  •      Students should be prepared to enter each class period with the following items:  math textbook, MacBook Air laptoppencil, and notebook.  During class, students may regularly use their online version of the textbook on their MacBook Air laptops, or use the actual textbook.   Students may also prefer to maintain the actual textbook at home, or in the locker, for personal convenience.  Students will be held accountable for lost or damaged textbooks.  

         For some particular lessons, a ruler, protractor, and/or calculator may be necessary.  These items are usually available for students to borrow in the classroom, but it is suggested that each student have his or her own.   

         Note taking, classwork, and homework should be done in the notebook, except for designated homework assignments that are submitted for a grade.  These are referred to as graded homework assignments or GHWs.