Daily Assessments

  •      Most classes will begin with a five to six minute  daily assessment, which usually consists of two multiple choice questions.  Most daily assessments will be presented and completed on the Socrative.com site that students will access on their MacBook Air laptops.  The questions will pertain to our current topic of the math course.  Daily assessments also provide a continuous review from one class period to the next.  About every fourth or fifth DA will be presented and completed on paper, and will consist of two open-ended questions, intended to resemble problems that appear on the 8th grade PSSA math test.  Each DA will be scored as a 0, 1, or 2.  Missed DAs, because of a student absence or other valid reason, do not need to be made up.  Performance on the DAs will account for 50% of the final grade for the quarterly marking period.