Useful Links

  • MathO
    A multiplication BINGO game

    Integer subtraction game

    Math Trainer
    Timed multiplication tests to improve skills

    A multiplication game practicing with large values.

    Math Baseball
    Practice with multiplication facts.  Choose "Algebra Style" multiplication problems

    Adding Fractions
    Scroll down to FRACTIONS-ADDING. Allows students to adjust sizes of fractions for understanding.

    Fraction Lessons
    Useful lessons for all types of operations associated with fractions and mixed numbers.  Each link has a short lesson and online practice.

    Flashcards for all operations including operations with integers, algebraic equations, geometry, fractions, conversion, etc.

    Mission Magnetite Game
    Game from PBS kids.  Has students match equivalent decimals, fractions and percents.

    Comparing Fractions and Percents
    Students can match equivalent fractions and percents using online manipulatives.

    Penguin Waiter
    Students can calculate tip, percent of tip or the original bill.

    Percent Jeopardy
    Students can play alone or with a partner. 

    Bombs on the Grid
    Interactive coordinate grid game.  Students must identify the point on the grid specified by the given ordered pair and extinguish the bomb.

    Stock the Shelves
    Coordinate grid review game.

    This game allows you to practice your skills solving equations and your skills on the court!

    This game works on one step equation solving with addition and subtraction.