A dozen of my favorite Web 2.0 tools

The first 8 on the list I use all the time
  1. delicious – social bookmarking site. Allows me to access my bookmarked websites from any computer. 
  2. Google Reader –RSS reader. This gathers all the things I want to read on one website. The mobile version works great on the i-Phone and i-Touch
  3. i-tunes - Free mobile learning. I bought a 16gb itouch which is now half-full of education and technology podcasts. I am now learning new things all the time on the go.
  4. Flickr – Search for Creative Commons Photos to use in presentations. 
  5. Wikispaces – makes it easy to quickly create simple web pages (alternate PBWiki)
  6. VoiceThread Allow students and teachers to leave comments on presentation slides. I have see some great example of students presentations using this application.
  7. Google Docs – It is like having an online version of “Word, Excel and PowerPoint” that can be worked on collaboratively from any computer.
  8. Teacher Tube similar to YouTube but more closely regulated and less likely to be blocked. Unfortunately it is also much slower.
  9. Wikipedia a great starting point for information.
  10. Glogster Great way to may poster like web pages. 
  11. Wallwisher- Collaboratively create and organize post-it-notes. 
  12. Animoto Allows you to create a photo slideshow timed to music
  13. Honorable Mentions: - Prezi, Skype Sketchcast Elgg Wordpress Slide  SlideShare Diggo

Animoto for Education - Bringing your classroom to live  Wikispaces       Unknown - mpauling