Free Mac Software

  • Free Mac software

    Audio Visual 
    • Burn - Simple program for burning CDs and DVDs, more option then the Mac Disk Utility.

    Image Editing
    • Norrkross Morphx- Simply drag in two different images and this software will create a movie of the first image transforming into the second.
    • Picasa- My favorite application, I use it to download, organize and edit all my digital pictures. The program is also extremely user friendly.  
    • Gimp- this program allows you to edit and create images. This application uses layers and allows you to blur, burn, clone, color, draw etc.
    • Seashore- This imaging application is based on GIMPs technology.
    • Free online Photoshop like program

    • iSquint- Just drag a video file in and convert it.
    • HandBrake- Turn your DVD into a MP4 to be used on an iPad/iPod.
    • FrameByFrame- The program can create stop-motion videos that can be import into iMovie. Sample

    • TuxPaint- is a drawing program for elementary students. (OK, use it every now and then)
    • Google SketchUp- This 3D molding software works great for creating a chair or a building.

    • Swf_Flv Player- Download a TeacherTube video but it won't play...use this program
    • RealPlayer- Plays numerous video and streaming formats.
    • VLC- Plays numerous video formats.

    • iStat- The pro version gives you all the data you need in one widget e.g. temperature, fan speed, IP address, battery health

    • GoGebra
    • PCalc
    • Google Earth

    • Celestia
    • Stellarium

    • Skype- free audio and video calls to other computers world wide

    Plugins and codec
    • Silverlight- Plug in to play certain videos.
    • Cool iris 
    • DIVX
    • Flip4Mac

    Apple Remote
    • iRed Lite- use your white Apple remote as controller for PowerPoint