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  • Seventh graders in Mrs. Walter's FCS classes just completed a unit on Holidays Around the World. Students were able to select a country and holiday associated with the country to research and investigate in groups. They took collaborative notes about their country/holiday, selected a traditional recipe, made a shopping list, created a Google Slides presentation, orally presented their information to fellow classmates, and had the opportunity to cook and prepare their recipes. Some of the countries and/or holidays showcased were England, Ireland, France, Brazil, Sweden, China, Poland, the Chinese New Year, St. Lucia Day, Ramadan, and many more.

    One of Mrs. Walter's Period 4 groups selected Sweden as their country and St. Lucia Day as their holiday. On January 14, 2015, they had the opportunity to Skype with their fellow classmates and a teacher and her family in Sweden to learn even more about the holiday. They really enjoyed this experience being able to meet with the teacher and her children in real time from across the globe. What a meaningful experience.