Web Links

  • MathTV
           Website with simple videos that help reenforce many different topics.

    7th Grade Math Standards
    These are the brand new (2/10) math standards for 7th grade.  To the right of the standards are state links to materials and resources, as well as practice assessments by topic.  This is the topic list from which the 7th grade math PSSA will be written from. 

    AAA Math
    Activities separated by topics and courses.

    Dr. Math answers questions in a kid-friendly forum.

    Activities from basic math through Algebra.

    An interactive site that teaches integers through the number line.

    Links to various interactive activities.

    Help with topics in Algebra.

    Interactive website designed with the student in mind.

    Free downloadable graph paper.

    Excellent interactive site that teaches numbers, data, shapes, space, and measures.  

    General resources covering all areas of math.

    A quick how to guide on stem-and-leaf plots.