• Tchoukball

    Well let's start with the answer to the question you are asking, "What is Tchoukball?"

    Tchoukball is a game that we discovered at a Health and Physical Education we attended a few years back that incorporate the passing and movement of Team Handball without Defense!  For those of you that are competitive, a game with no defense might sound like not much fun, but as we have quickly seen the students love it.  Even those that are ultra competitive.

    Game is played with two teams that both try to throw Tchoukball off of one of the two Tchoukball Boards (Strong well-built pitch backs).  The objective is to have ball bounce off pitch-back to an area where the opponents cannot catch it, resulting in a point for your team.

    Check out Tchoukball on YouTube, to see a fast paced and exciting game!