OmniKin and KinBall

  • OmniKin and KinBall

    OmniKin is a game that was invented by a Physical Education teacher in Canada in the 1980's.
    The game uses a 48" inflated balloon inside of a fabric sleeve to create a KinBall.  The basic game is played much like the childhood game of "Keep it Up", that you might have played with a sibling or friend were you hit a balloon up in the air and then the other person must hit it before it hits the ground.

    The Variation in this game comes into play with Three teams (or more), the over-sized balloon/ball and not allowing the ball to hit any walls.  Game begins with 2-3 players from one team kneeling and holding ball up.  At this time the teacher or students call out an opponents color and then a player from the team holding the ball hits the ball and the team that's color was called need to prevent it from hitting the ground.  Once the ball is kept up in the air that team then gets 2-3 underneath of ball and play continues as above. 

    Game is very fast paced and has been exciting to watch as students have continued to understand and add strategy to the game to trick and outwit other teams.  We hope to try it outside with classes when the weather warms and the winds subside!!!

    Please go onto YouTube to see some of the OmniKin and KinBall videos that show the speed and thought in the game.