Upcoming Assessments, Projects, & Assignments

  • Assessments will be given periodically throughout each unit. Study  guides will be given to students as well as posted on this site.  Student scores will be posted promptly on Sapphire. I encourage you to sign up for an account if you have not already done so.
    Homework will be given periodically throughout the school year. Homework is graded for completion. If the assignment is completed the student will be given all possible points. If the assignment has not been attempted the student will not be given credit. 
         Essays (current events and extended journals) and projects will be assigned at various points throughout the year.  Rubrics for these assignments will be available on this site in addition to any other pertinent materials.

    **Please note** quizzes, tests, and long-term projects will be posted here. All other class assignments asa well as additional information will be posted in Google classroom. 
    • East Asia Geography and Human Environment Interaction Test - Tuesday - 12/20

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