Inquiry: What topic are you interested in learning about?

  • This unit is packed full of interesting information, but unfortunately we can't cover all of it in class. What would you like to learn more about?  Here are some topics we covered that you can explore on your own. 

    Download the instruction on how to complete an Inquiry Project.

    When you finished email your project to your Science Teacher and/or Mrs. Frasch at

    Here are some topics you may want to explore:

    Chapter 1: Mapping the Earth’s SurfaceChapter 2: Weathering and Soil

    Topography, GPS, GIS, Main Types of LandformsWeathering, The Dust Bowl, Soil Conservation,

    Eratosthenes, Cartography, Your Ideas?Your Ideas? 

    Chapter 3: Erosion and DepositionChapter 4: A Trip Through Geologic Time

    Grand Canyon, Landslides/Mudslides,Famous Fossils, Marie Curie, Radioactive

    The Great Blue Hole of Belize, Geologic Time Scale, Theories of Earth's

    Shellenberg Ice Cave in Germany, Origin, Your Ideas?

    Glaciers,  Erosion – wind and wave

    Your Ideas?


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