Earth's Surface Fun

  • Here are some activities to make you think about science...

    1. Click on the picture.  Obviously this house has some erosion "issues."  What's the story behind this? How do the people live here?  Be creative, yet scientific in your fictional story.  Email your teacher and/or Mrs. Frasch ( your completed product.

    2. Do you like puzzles? Solve a Sedimentary Layers Puzzle.  You will have to print this one out or see if your science teacher has a copy in the Enrichment Folder. Check yourself when you are finished.  (The answers are on the bottom, so don't cheat.)

    3. Do you continue to be fascinated with the damage from Hurricane Sandy? Look at the photos in the PowerPoint Presentation, pick 3, and write captions about them on spartan docs.   Connect the captions to the erosion you are learning about now.  Share your captions with your science teacher and/or Mrs. Frasch on spartandocs.

    4. Learn more about the various types of fossils found in the United States.  Take a Geologic Journey, explore, and have fun.

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