Tic Tac Toe Assignment Sheet

  • Word Masters

    Vocabulary Tic-Tac-Toe


    -            You must choose the center box (#5)

    -            Choose 2 additional boxes to complete. 

    -            Complete all activities on looseleaf or on a spartan doc and make sure to label the activity so I know which one you have completed. 

    -            Store these in the vocab section of your binder or make a folder in your Spartan docs and call it Word Masters.



    Use each vocabulary word in an original sentence (created by you).  The sentence must demonstrate the meaning of the word.





    Write a story that uses all of the vocabulary words.  It must make sense.


    Write a poem using 10 of your vocabulary words.

    Any form of poetry is acceptable.


    Make a crossword puzzle using all of the words on puzzlemaker.com or another puzzle site. Give to Mrs. Frasch the day before the due date, so she can make copies for the class



    Copy the words.  Write the part(s) of speech and all of the definitions.




    Practice writing your words in cursive.  1. Write all of the words in cursive. Find an antonym and a synonym for each word. Write those in cursive, too.


    Create a cartoon strip using at least 10 of our words in the conversations between characters.  Use white paper and the text bubbles must be legible. 




    Make up your own analogies for 8 of the words from the list.


    Complete Vocabulary Maps for 5 of your hardest words.  Follow the model given.