Grade 8

  • Grade 8

    Gifted Language Arts

    Gifted Seminar

    Science Enrichment (Push-in with Mr. Meyers)


    Mrs. Lori Frasch

    Southern Lehigh Middle School rm. 125

    610-263-6700 ext. 6125


    I. Introduction

    A.   Classroom policies/procedures reflect school policies/procedures found in student’s agenda book

          1. Be Prepared, Be Respectful, Be On Time


    B.    Communication

    1. Teacher Website - narrative of the day’s events can be found under Classroom News – Grade 8

             2.   Sapphire – please make sure both parent and student can access                       


           C. Move to Paperless Classroom  - Student laptops are not connected to a printer.  

    II. Language Arts Course Overview

     The primary goal of Language Arts class is to develop the student’s ability to clearly and effectively express themselves in various forms of written and oral communication. Study is centered on developing the student’s writing skills through continual writing activities in a writer’s workshop setting.  Using the Write Traits as their guide, students will learn to express themselves in various modes of writing, such as: informative, argumentative, creative and narrative. Writing topics will vary throughout the year, and students will often have the opportunity to explore topics of their interest and choosing.  Oral presentation skills are developed through regular classroom presentations and discussions, as well as through in-class projects.  Students are graded on achievement, but are given ample opportunity to revise their work.  Writing assignments are graded using a rubric.  Effort, class participation, and homework and project completion are key to academic success in this class.


                A. Reading: Novels/Short Stories/Dramas

    1.     Titles may include Impact: Short Stories Collection, Fahrenheit 451, Anthem, The Giver, Animal Farm, Lord of the Flies, Inherit the Wind, The Diary of Anne Frank, Julius Caesar,  Twelfth Night, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,  The Gifted Teen Survival Guide

    2.     Student self-selected titles

    3.     Library (Every other Thursday)


                B. Writing: Based on write-traits

    1.     Narratives

    2.     Poetry

    3.     Text Dependent Analysis Essays

    4.     Oral presentations/Speech Writing

    5.     Grammar

    6.     Spelling and Vocabulary (Word Masters/Vocabulary Workshop/Challenge Words) 


    III. Gifted Seminar/CTE (Career and Technology Exploration) 

    This research course provides curriculum enrichment opportunities for those students identified as gifted learners through their Gifted IEP goals.  Students participate in activities to increase higher-level comprehension, memory, evaluation skills, and convergent and divergent thinking abilities. Independent, interest driven research projects as well as a deeper understanding of the child’s individual giftedness are part of the gifted seminar.  This course also teaches students how to utilize and apply Web 2.0 tools, such as presentation software, file management, keyboarding, and data/spreadsheets.  In addition, a unit on career studies is included.  The students will participate in Career Day on March 31, 2017.

    A. Two days per cycle

    1.     CTE Curriculum

    2.     Multi-genre Paper/Technology Based Presentation

    3.     Career Unit


    IV. Assessment (Both Classes)

                A.  Everything counts

                            1. Examples include, but not limited to quizzes, tests, monthly

          reading/writing assignments, warm ups, class participation,

          homework, library, projects, and presentations.

    2. Point system

                a.  Homework and in-class assignments: 5 points     

          1) Late assignments will be accepted for 2.5 points up to 2 days past due

         b. Tests, Quizzes, Projects, Presentations

                 1) Rubric or grade sheet will be distributed with each assignment