8th Grade Health

  • Welcome to 8th Grade Health Education

    The following sections supply you with the necessary information to complete this course successfully.  Please individually and then with your parents, read this sheet carefully, then (both parties) sign the bottom indicating understanding of the requirements.


    REQUIREMENT for class: Must bring the following items everyday unless other wise noted.

    • 3 Ring binder
    • Writing implement


    MEETING: We will meet everyday A-F for 1 quarter.



    Your grade will be based on a point system.  Each homework assignment, quiz, class assignment, project, etc. will be assigned a point value.



    Each student is to come to class prepared with a Health notebook, writing utensil(s) and any worksheets/assignments we have been working on.


    *In addition, it is the STUDENT’S RESPONSIBILITY TO FIND OUT WHAT WAS MISSED if absent.  DON’T wait until your next Health class to find out that information, a quiz or homework assignment may be due.* Come see me in room 116 if absent from class and / or check my website.



    Homework MUST be TURNED IN at the beginning of the period of the DAY IT IS DUE, no exceptions. Half credit will not be awarded.  (If absent, homework will be collected the next health class or student will be given an exempt at teacher’s discretion).



    Projects are due the date specified.  All projects are graded with a rubric, and points will be awarded accordingly.  Point deductions will be made for late projects!



    Extra Credit is awarded at teacher’s discretion.



    Any student wishing to turn in a project, assignment, paper, etc. because of an absence, can do so by giving it directly to me, otherwise items may be lost.  IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to follow up on any missed work.



    Any form of cheating and/or plagiarism will be given a 0.  This can occur on tests, quizzes, papers, projects open note tests, etc.


    Sharing of ANY health related material to gain an advantage on test, quizzes, projects, etc., is a serious school violation and will warrant a ZERO! Random notebook checks may be preformed to ensure all work is genuine.


         Health and Wellness


         Risk factors

         Goal setting

         Decision making

         Cyber smart


         Personality and Consumer health

         Personality assessment 

         Learning styles

         Advertising and Media


         Eating disorders

         Body image

         Weight management

         Physical Health

         Physical fitness

         Skin cancer

         Drug Education



         Over the counter

         Prescription drugs

         Human Development (fact based)

         Male and Female Anatomy


         Heredity and potential problems

         Journey of the sperm and egg

         Ovulation/ menstrual cycle

         Stages of development

    (Supplemental Discovery Health videos)

         STD’s / STI’s

         Possible problems

         Video: The Announcement

             (Magic Johnson’s story)


     Content is subject to change… please contact Mrs. McGinniss with any questions or concerns.



    If any accommodations are necessary, please see me immediately after class (within the first week) so she will be able to meet your needs.