7th and 8th Physical Education


    Mrs. Hagy and Mr. West



    To provide students with a core of developmental and conditioning activities in which all students can participate regardless of physical fitness level.


    Physical Fitness Component

    • This will be evaluated by physical activities focused on flexibility, agility, muscular strength, muscular endurance, and cardiovascular endurance.
    • Fitness tests will be administered during PE class.
    • Test will be graded based on Completion and Effort.


    • Students will be evaluated by written test given by the teacher based on the information taught in class.
    • Study guides will be available on-line on teacher websites. 


    Preparation (GLAD)

    • Deductions apply for the following
      • Chewing Gum
      • Being Late
      • Wearing Accessories (Jewelry)
      • Not properly Dressed

    Participation/Sportsmanship (WEBAT)                                                                                                                  

    • Deductions will occur if student does not demonstrate the following
      • Full participation in the Warm-up
      • 100% Effort
      • On task Behavior
      • Good Attitude
      • Teamwork/Cooperation

    Rules and Regulations


    • T-SHIRT:
      • Grey or White t-shirt that is school appropriate. 
      • No buttons, zippers, or snaps, cutoff sleeves or tank tops.
      • Shorts or sweatpants that are school appropriate.
      • No buttons, zippers or snaps.
    • Please note that proper attire is always the teacher’s discretion.





    • No JEWELRY is permitted during PE class.
    • Points will be deducted on each offense.



    • Each student is assigned a small locker to be used during PE class.  Each student will be issued a school lock from the PE department to lock up all belongings.
    • Large lockers are to be used during the class period only.

    Doctor Excuses

    • All doctor’s notes must be submitted to the nurse prior to arriving to PE class.
    • The committee (nurse, PE subject leader, and administrator) will determine an alternative plan of action to fulfill the PE requirements if there is an injury/illness that requires no physical activity for an extended period of time.
    • Doctor’s note must state specific limitations on activity along with a time frame.  Example: “No weight bearing activity on left foot for two weeks”.
    • If you cannot take class due to an injury and have not seen a doctor, it will be unexcused until a doctor’s excuse is received. Students will not be permitted to participate in class until a doctor releases you back to the activity.


    Class/Locker Room Procedures

    • Students have 4 to 5 minutes at the beginning and end of period to change into proper clothing.
    • All injuries should be immediately reported to the teacher.
    • Students will remain in designated area until the passing bell.
    • Students must remain in designated areas during class.
    • Students must exit the locker room and report to their squad/line once they are prepared for class. If student is not present in the designated spot during attendance, points will be deducted for tardiness.


    Physical Education Daily Grading Rubric


    Goal: To earn the maximum of 10 points per day


    Grading: Daily grading is determined by the following two categories

    • Participation (5pts) 
    • Preparation (5pts)


    Participation Scale


                Warm-up                     Full participation in the beginning warm-up (1pt)

                Effort                          100% effort in all daily activities (1pt)

                Behavior                      Displays on task behavior (1pt)

                Attitude                       Displays a good attitude (1pt)

                Teamwork                   Displays good teamwork (1pt)


    Preparation Scale


    Gum                            Not chewing gum in class (1pt)

    Late                             Not late to class or to assigned role spot (2pts)

    Accessories                 Does not wear accessories in class (1pt)

    Dressed                       Properly dressed for class (1pt)