Academic Literacy - general classroom info

  • Class Preparation:

    Every day you will need to bring these MATERIALS: 
    (updated 8/13/16)
    •  #2 pencils with erasers  and/or Pens (blue/black ink only)
    • post its/ sticky notes - 3x3  (and lots of them!)
    • highlighters

    Please NO Trapper Keepers (large zipped notebooks)  Our students tend to get lost in them!


    To make our time together go as smoothly as possible, I have created a list of EXPECTED STUDENT BEHAVIORS for my classroom. They are:

    1. Be prepared:

    • Bring all necessary materials to class (including homework, books, pencils, etc.).
    • Be in class, in your seat and working on the warm-up activity when the bell rings.
    • Pencils should be sharpened before instruction begins.

    2. Be present:

    • Raise your hand before speaking.
    • Remain in your seat unless given permission to move.
    • Actively listen to the teacher/your classmates/special guest when they have the floor.
    • Contribute to classroom activities by doing assignments, asking questions and being involved in discussions.

    3. Be respectful:

    • To the teacher/your classmates/special guests.
    • To school property (desks, books, etc.).

    4. The other rules:

    • Food, candy, gum, drinks, etc. are not allowed in my classroom. These items may be allowed for special occasions/events or due to other special circumstances.
    • Trips to the lavatory and drinking fountain will be allowed ONLY in the first and last 2 minutes of class.
    • I strongly encourage all of my students (and parents)to review grades on sapphire on a weekly basis. They are your grades and your responsibility! Mistakes can be made...just print any questionable grades and see your teacher.

    If you choose not to meet these expectations, I will respond with these CONSEQUENCES:

    1. Nonverbal/Verbal Reminder                      4. Parent Conference

    2. Teacher Conference                                 5. Guidance Referral

    3. Teacher Detention/Parent Contact           6. Administrative Referral

    *Depending on the situation, steps may not be taken in this order.