Academic Literacy - homework & grading

  • Parents: please check your child's agenda and Sapphire often.  

    GRADING: This course is based on a total points system. Homework will be worth 5-15 points. Major assignments and tests  will be worth 75-100 points.  Sapphire will be updated frequently and you are expected to check your grade at least 1x per week.  Come to me with any questions.

    HOMEWORK: There will be homework in this class.  Homework assignments will be clearly and thoroughly explained in class and will be written (by you) in your Agenda book before you leave my classroom.  Homework does count towards your grade.  Please check Sapphire weekly and come to me with any questions. We will be using Google Classroom on a daily basis; check it (and Sapphire) when you are absent to keep up with your work.  Alternatively, students can email me or touch base with another student to keep up with assignments. 

    Student assignments and daily homework are not listed on this site.  

     LATE WORK:  Late homework will NOT be accepted.  Bring your completed homework with you on the day it is due to receive credit.  Major assignments (essays and projects) will be accepted up to five days after the due date.  However, for each day an assignment is late, ten percent will be deducted from your total grade. At times, there may be special circumstances.