Classroom Rules

  • Mrs. Heydt's
    Classroom Rules!

    1. RESPECT. Respect yourself, your classmates, your teachers, and school property.
    2. Be in your seats and completing your warm-up when the bell rings.
    3. Raise your hand quietly before speaking.
    4. Remain in your seats unless given permission to get up.
    5. Come to class prepared. This means assignments, books, notebooks, pens/pencils and any other necessary supplies required for the day.
    6. Absolutely no cell phones in class. Any visible phones will be taken and given to the office. Beware!!! If your phone does ring I will answer it!!!
    Images omework:
    Late work
    will only be accepted up to 3 school days after the due date. For each day an assignment is late, there will be a 10% deduction from the assignment grade.
    Students are responsible for making up homework and
    classwork when they are absent. They have 3 school days upon their return to submit the missed work.