RAK Attack (16/17)

  • Kindness Kash

    What to do today:

    December 1- Hold the door for someone.

    December 2- Say “thanks” to a teacher.

    December 5- Pick up trash in the hallway.

    December 6-Help someone pick up their stuff if they drop it.

    December 7- Share something with someone.

    December 8-Cash in you Kindness Kash!

    December 9-Help someone open their locker.

    December 12- helping a neighbor with school work if they don’t understand something

    December 13-  Smile and say Hello to people in the hallways

    December 14- use your manners to your peers and teachers

    December 15-Cash in your Kindness Kash

    December 16- Give someone a compliment - and mean it!

    December 19- Run “school” errands for a teacher

    December 20- Make a thank you card for someone

    December 21- Wish someone “Happy Holidays!”

    December 22-  Cash Kindness Kash

    Kindness Kash!

    As you see the lemonade cart going around, give this to them and get free lemonade!