Art is....

  • Art is an expression of feelings and emotions in the way of its creator.
    Jacob Q.-6th grade

    Art is......what can't be expressed in words. It can be inspirational and persuasive. It's only boundary is your own imagination.
    Jacob B.-6th grade

    Art is: When people are creative. Taking things that have to do with anything and creating something out of it!
    Juli-8th grade

    Art, exhilarating with an explosion of colors!
    Sean-8th grade

    Art is a picture that comes to your mind which is different from everybody else. Also, it is texture, color and beauty which brightens up the world.
    Devin-8th grade

    Art is a way of expressing your feelings and a way to show your talents. It gives you opportunities, and it shows emotion through it. Most of all it's everywhere around you! Just looking outside can spark an idea for art! That is what I think art is!
    Tim-7th grade
Wassily Kandinsky,