First Semester Topics - Science 307

  • Science 307 Topics

         The focus of this year’s science curriculum is scientific discovery.  Our first quarter will focus on the Nature of Science (Scientific Method, Lab Safety, Measurement) and Genetics. During the second and third quarters, the focus will be on the human body.  During this time the students will learn about the chemistry in the human body as will as the structure and function of the major systems of the body.  We will wrap up the year with forces and motion.  In this final unit the students will be learning about Newton's Laws, force and motion and how this relates to our body and the world around us.  Throughout the year, students will be participating in various forensic activities and laboratory experiments to help reinforce the importance that forensics has on their daily lives.

    Various laboratory investigations and/or activities will be conducted to reinforce the main concepts in all units.  Tools such as the Bunsen burner, glassware, and chemicals will be used for the first time in the students’ school career.  Safety will be a focal area as hands-on activities are conducted in our pursuit of scientific knowledge.

    In addition to classroom lectures, activities, and laboratory experiments, students will also be enrolled in an on-line class in Google Classroom, entitled Mac Science 307.  Students will be required to access this on-line portion of the course approximately 1-2 times a week, however there may be instances when the students will be accessing Google Classroom on a more regular basis.  Within the on-line course, students will have assignments in Pearson Interactive Science, Newsela, and BrainPOP.  Google Classroom, Pearson Interactive Science, Newsela and BrainPOP are available at any time.  Although it is helpful if the student has Internet access at home, students will be given the opportunity to complete their on-line assignments at school if Internet access at home is not available.