Health 8

  • Goals:

         Students will take an in-depth look at the physical, social, and mental/emotional domains in relation to good health and overall wellness.


    Overview of material covered (subject to change)


    1.     Health and Wellness


         Risk factors

         Goal setting

         Decision making

         Cyber smart


    2.     Personality and Consumer health

         Personality assessment 

         Learning styles

         Advertising and Media

    3.     Nutrition

         Eating disorders

         Body image

         Weight management

    4.     Physical Health

         Physical fitness

         Skin cancer

    5.     Drug Education



         Over the counter

         Prescription drugs

    6.     Human Development (fact based)

         Male and Female Anatomy


         Heredity and potential problems

         Journey of the sperm and egg

         Ovulation/ menstrual cycle

         Stages of development

    (Supplemental Discovery Health videos)

     •     STD’s / STI’s

         Possible problems

         Video: The Announcement

             (Magic Johnson’s story)

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