Grading and Homework Policies



    My students' grades are calculated by points.  Each assessment is awarded a specific number of points based on its value.  Tests, projects, science folder/Interactive Science Notebook grades, and labs will be worth more points than quizzes or daily homework assignments.  Grades will be calculated based on the number of points the student has earned compared to the number of points possible for the rating period.  The total number of points for each rating period will vary with the types of assessments given during that period.



    Due dates are due dates.  When a student chooses not to turn in an assignment on its due date, the expectation is that the assignment is still to be completed and turned in.  The student will receive a deduction of one letter grade from the earned score for every day the assignment is late.  For instance, if the student turns in an assignment two days late, but earned an A on the original paper, points equal to two letter grades will be deducted from the score, giving the student a C on the assignment.

    ***If a student is having difficulty understanding what to do on part of a homework assignment due the next day, I will gladly help the student during homeroom the day the assignment is due without any penalty.  If the student waits until class to ask, the assignment will be late.  Projects are assigned with ample time to complete the work, so any questions about the project should be asked well before the due date.***

    Absences are the exception.  When a student is absent for one or two days, he or she can check my teacher web pages for the class activities and homework for the day.  Homework missed will be due the day after the student returns to school.  If homework is not received by that time, then the late policy will be applied.

    Due dates will be discussed for students who are absent for longer periods of time.

    When a student will be away from school for a long educational trip, it is the student's responsibility to get homework from teachers a few days prior to the trip.  Work should be completed by the time the student returns from the trip, unless the assignment is a project or requires the use of a computer.  I have found over my years of teaching that it is very difficult for students who fall behind when they are away to catch up if they don't complete what they are missing while away.  One- or two-day educational trips should be handled the same way.