Science Folder


    Students in my science class will be keeping a science folder.  Students will be responsible for keeping science handouts, homework, labs, rubrics, quizzes, tests, and assessments in a two-pocket folder.  The papers that should be in the folder are listed below.  When the due date for the folder check has been announced, students should print out this checklist, sit down with a parent, and score the folder together.  On the due date, the student will turn in a signed note from his/her parent stating that the folder was reviewed together (the note is provided by me, requiring only a signature and date), the graded checklist, and the folder. 

    Science Folder Table of Contents


            _____  Science Folder Check Grade Paper - Quarter 3

         _____  Circulatory System Test - Test Packet, Heart Diagram, Scantron

         _____  Ernie's Exit Story (dark green - 2 papers)

         _____  Ernie's Exit Lab data collection paper (white)

         _____  Ernie's Exit Arrest Warrant (white)

         _____  7th Grade Mini-Assessment: Digestion packet

         _____  7th Grade Mini-Assessment: Digestion question/answer packet

         _____  Digestive System Organizer (blue)

         _____  Food and Energy Review and Reinforce/Lesson Quiz handout (green)

         _____  The Digestive Process Begins worksheet (yellow)

         _____  Cracker Lab

         _____  Final Digestion and Absorption worksheet (white)

         _____  As the Stomach Churns Lab

         _____  As the Stomach Churns Data Chart and Conclusions paper (white)

         _____  Digestive System Test packet and Scantron

         _____  Skeletal System Outline (bright orange/pink)

         _____  Skeleton Diagram - labeled

         _____  "The Skeleton System" diagram - to be labeled

         _____  Bones Grow and Change (yellow)

         _____  Skeleton Vocabulary (yellow)

         _____  The Human Body - The Bones and What They Do (gray)

         _____  The Skeletal System - Joints (white)

         _____  Structure of the Teeth (white)

         _____  Your Joints (green)

         _____  Knee Diagram (yellow)

         _____  Skeletal System Packet (yellow)

         _____  Some Important Skeletal Muscles (white - coloring activity)

         _____  Muscular System Packet (white or green)

         _____  The Muscular System Worksheet (bright blue)

         _____  Calculating Clues From Bones lab (white)

         _____  Skeletal System Joints Activity (yellow)

         _____  Naming Bones Practice

         _____  Chicken Anatomy

         _____  Chicken Skeleton Diagram

         _____  Muscles Lab (Chicken Wing Lab)

         _____  The Skeletal System (1/2 pink sheet - showing joints)

         _____  Muscles of the Upper Arm (1/2 sheet)

         _____  Arm muscles - posterior view (1/2 sheet)

         _____  Major Anterior Muscles (1/2 sheet)

         _____  Lower Arm Muscles (1/2 sheet)

         _____  Muscles - posterior and anterior views (1/2 sheet)

         _____  How Do Your Muscles Work? packet

         _____  Integrating Biology - Muscles and Work (cantalope)

         _____  Skeletal and Muscular Systems Anatomy Exercise (white)

         _____  Forces Packet


         TOTAL:           /44