• Pearson Interactive Science:

    Introduction to Chemistry -
    Chemistry, Rating Periods 1 & 2
                                          ISBN Number:  

    Human Body and Health - Human Body/Biomechanics, Rating Periods 3 & 4
                                        ISBN Number: 

    Forces and Energy - Biomechanics, Rating Period s 3 & 4
                                         ISBN Number: 


    This year, students will be using a textbook series from Pearson called "Interactive Science."  Each student will receive his/her own textbook that can be written in (yes, students will keep these books at the end of the unit of study!), and will be given an online account to use in conjunction with the textbook!  We're very excited about the possibilities that this new series will bring us.   I will also continue to create lessons and activities that will be used to accompany the text and online learning.