•   Language Arts Curriculum 

    The goals of the Language Arts course are:
    • To develop the student’s ability to clearly and effectively express themselves in various forms of written and oral communication.
    • To develop the student’s ability to recognize and analyze evidence in order to form conclusions.
    • To develop the student’s appreciation and understanding of literature. 

         Study is centered on developing the student’s writing skills through continual reading and writing activities.  Students will learn to express themselves in various modes of writing, such as: Informative, Argumentative, Creative, and Expository.  We will be reading several forms of fiction including short stories, plays, magazines/newspapers, and novels.  Oral presentation skills are developed through regular classroom presentations and discussions as well as through in-class projects.  Writing topics will vary throughout the year. 

         Students are graded on achievement, but are given ample opportunity to revise their work.  Writing assignments are graded using a rubric.  Effort, class participation, following directions, and project completion are key to academic success and earning good grades.