Classroom Information - General Information about Mrs. Sterner's Classroom

  •  Mrs. Sterner's Classroom Information  


    Every day you will need to bring these MATERIALS:

    * 1 folder
    * 1 composition notebook
    4-pack of Post-it Notes (3x3 inches, any color)
    * Loose-leaf paper
    * #2 pencils with erasers


    To make our time together go as smoothly as possible, I have created a list of EXPECTED STUDENT BEHAVIORS for my classroom. They are:

    1. Be prepared:

    • Bring all necessary materials to class (including homework, laptop, books, pencils, etc.).
    • Be in class, in your seat and working on the warm-up activity when the bell rings.
    • Pencils should be sharpened before instruction begins.

    2. Be present:

    • Raise your hand before speaking.
    • Remain in your seat unless given permission to move.
    • Actively listen to the teacher/your classmates/special guests when they have the floor.
    • Contribute to classroom activities by doing assignments, asking questions, and being involved in discussions.

    3. Be respectful:

    • To the teacher/your classmates/special guests.
    • To school property (desks, books, etc.).
    • If a student misuses his/her laptop in my classroom, he/she will lose the privilege of using that technology during my class that day.  
    4. The other rules:
    • Food, candy, gum, drinks, etc. are not allowed in my classroom. These items may be allowed for special occasions/events or due to other special circumstances.
    • Trips to the lavatory and drinking fountain will be allowed ONLY in the first and last 2 minutes of class.

    If you choose not to meet these expectations, I will respond with these CONSEQUENCES:

    1. Nonverbal/Verbal Reminder                      4. Parent Conference

    2. Teacher Conference                                 5. Guidance Referral

    3. Teacher Detention/Parent Contact           6. Administrative Referral

    *Depending on the situation, steps may not be taken in this order.


    Other policies that are important for you to know about include: GRADING, HOMEWORK, LATE WORK, and ABSENCES.

    GRADING: This course is based on a total points system.  You will receive grade reports several times each marking period.  You may also request to see your grade at any time. 

    HOMEWORK:  There will be homework in this class.  Homework assignments will be clearly and thoroughly explained in class and will be written (by you) in your Agenda book before you leave my classroom.

    LATE WORK:  Late homework will NOT be accepted.  Bring your completed homework with you on the day it is due to receive credit.  Major assignments (essays and projects) will be accepted up to five days after the due date.  However, for each day an assignment is late, five points will be deducted from your total grade. At times, there may be special circumstances.  In this case, we will work together to establish an appropriate due date.