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    Quizlet - A great study tool! We will be creating Quizlet accounts during Study Skills class, and will learn to use it throughout the year. Quizlet is also available as an app - students are encouraged to download it onto their phones and use it at home.

    Google Classroom - Students will all receive codes for each of their classes. Google Classroom is also available as an app.

    Important Dates and Information

    Language Arts:
    Final Exam - Tuesday, May 30th
    The final will be an essay based off of the research you have been conducting for your multi-genre research project. You will complete a graphic organizer in class during the week of May 22nd, which you will be able to use when typing your final.

    Read 180:
    Here are your independent reading assignments for the rest of the year:
    Somewhere in the Darkness:
    Read Chapters 10-11 (pages 118-140) by Monday, May 22nd.
    Read Chapters 12-15 (pages 141-168) by Tuesday, May 30th.
    Bad Boy:
    Read Chapters 13-15 (pages 142-173) by Monday, May 22nd.
    Read Chapters 16-19 (pages 174-206) by Tuesday, May 30th.

    Everyone must finish their books by Tuesday, May 30th.
    Your independent reading assignment is due on Tuesday, June 6th. 
    You will have in class times on Tuesdays and Thursdays to read your novels and to work on the assignment.

    The final exam is on Thursday, June 1st, and will consist of vocabulary and key concepts from the last 2 units in the rbook, as well as information from your independent reading book (Bad Boy or Somewhere in the Darkness). You will receive a study guide on Wednesday, May 24th.

    The Holiday Presentation and Book Talk can both be found on Google Classroom.
    A Quizlet for the Midterm can be found here:
    Students with a Quizlet will automatically see the review when they log into Quizlet. A study guide with further study information will be given the day students return from break.

    Final Exam - Friday, June 2nd
    Use your notes and pink review packets to study.

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