• In CTE we use Google Classroom to assign classwork, homework and submit assignments for grading. I will return assignments with feedback and corrections. Grades will be given but Sapphire is still the program to check your grades. 

    Trouble Shooting at Home -  If you have problems getting onto Google Classroom or Google Drive try the following solution:

    Clear all browser history. (note this will erase all saved passwords)


    Use a different browser than your sibling


    (This is the one I use) but it only works in the Chrome browser 

    1. Click the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar and select Settings. (On Macs this can also be accessed from Preferences under Chrome in the top menu bar.)
    2. In the “People” section, click Add person.
    3. A confirmation dialog appears, choose a picture and enter a name for the new Chrome user. 
    4. Click Add.
    5. A new window for the user appears, with a picture you've chosen for the user in the top corner. Here, you can sign in to Chrome with a Google Account to associate the account with the user. Once signed in, all the bookmarks, apps, extensions, theme, and browser settings for the user will be synced to the account.