Language Arts

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    Animal Farm Speech

    Find a speech by a famous political leader (from any country) and summarize the theme of the speech. You will be sharing your speech with the class, so choose a few lines to highlight that you think are the most powerful phrases in the speech.  Write at least two paragraphs (5-7 sentences per paragraph).  Include in your analysis the following points:

        ~ What is the main idea of the speech?
    ~ What is the political leader’s message?
    ~ What is the leader trying to accomplish?
        ~ Under what circumstances did this leader give the speech (was it wartime, was it during
     a depression, was it in relation to human rights?).
    ~ Do you think that the speech is successful? Why or why not?

    Scoring Rubric:

    Copy of the speech:            /5

        Ideas:                /5

        Conventions:            /5

        Highlighted lines:        /5

        Analysis of speech:        /5

    Total:                    /25