Prep for Sim V: AHI

  • In Simulation V: AHI we cover the years 1792-1860 in the history of the US.  Your success depends on the mastery of the basic information, below.  Mastery means memorizing to the point of being conversant. 

    We will accomplish mastery of the following material in three school days.  A test will be given on the fourth day of our intensive study of these items.  Achieving a 90%, or higher, indicates mastery. Students not achieving mastery on the test will be re-tested daily by Dr. Orr until they achieve mastery.

    Presidents 1-15

    US History Timeline (this will be done after the others are accomplished)


    Presidents 1-15 Assignment:

    List the first 15 Presidents in order and include...
    1.  Years in office. Ex. Barack Obama (2008-2016) [30 points, 2 points each] 
    2.  List their home state.  Ex. For Barack Obama (Illinois) [15 points, 1 point each]
    3.  List the 2 most important events/developments that took place during their presidency [30 points, 2 points each]
         Ex.  For Barack Obama you might include: The Affordable Care Act, First African American President.

    The Next 20 States Assignment:

    List the states after the original 13, up to the 33rd added, along with the date they became states and their capital cities.  You will be listing states #14 through #33.

    EX.  #28 Texas (1845), Austin

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