Social Studies Curriculum

  • History Alive!

    ~Chapter 1  (Geography of the United States)

    Unit 1
    ~Chapter 2 (Native Americans and Their Land)
    ~Chapter 3 (Native American Cultural Regions)
    ~Chapter 4 (Why Europeans Left for the New World)
    ~Chapter 5 (Routes of Exploration to the New World)

    Unit 2
    ~Chapter 6 (Early English Settlements)
    ~Chapter 7 (Comparing the Colonies)
    ~Chapter 8 (Facing Slavery)
    ~Chapter 9 (Life in Colonial Williamsburg)

    Unit 3
    ~Chapter 10 (Growing Tensions Between the Colonies and Britain)
    ~Chapter 11 (To Declare Independence or Not)
    ~Chapter 12 (The Declaration of Independence)
    ~Chapter 13 (The Revolutionary War)

    Unit 4
    ~Chapter 16 (Manifest Destiny and Settling the West)
    ~Chapter 17 (The Diverse Peoples of the West)
    ~Chapter 18 (The Causes of the Civil War)
    ~Chapter 19 (The Civil War)