School-wide Citizenship Program

  •                                       JP Liberati Intermediate School                                                                           
                                                              We ‘R’ Spartans

    “We ‘R’ Spartans” is a school-wide citizenship building program designed to encourage positive behaviors and social responsibility at JP Liberati Intermediate School. Citizenship behaviors are intended to promote student awareness, accountability, and success across the larger school environment (in classrooms, common areas, on the playground, and during school travel). The six R’s communicate and remind students and staff of the ideals that help to ensure a school atmosphere where all can learn. We are Spartans!                                   

    Respectful - Spartans are respectful of people and property.

    Responsible - Spartans are responsible in word and deed.

    Rule Abiding
    - Spartans follow rules to help ensure a safe and orderly school.
    Ready - Spartans are always prepared and ready to learn.

    Rigorous - Spartans are rigorous workers willing to give their very best.
    Resilient - Spartans are resilient in spirit and approach all challenges with a winning attitude and a readiness to overcome setbacks with determination.