Southern Lehigh High School
  • Welcome to Southern Lehigh High School!  As you enter our classrooms you will witness students actively engaged in a diverse array of learning modalities. From students reflecting on learning through class discussions, to experiencing science via experimentation, to collaborating with peers to solve real world problems or challenges, to focusing on the application or connection of learning to their daily lives our learning community encourages learning through in a variety of ways. Our classrooms have transformed from desks in traditional rows to students working in alongside one another as they build the capacities that will enable them to be college and career ready. The school day is structured with 77-minute class periods with each class meeting every other day. Each day we have a Spartan Period that allows students to seek enrichment or remediation opportunities in a 42-minute block. This schedule empowers our students and faculty to encourage integrations of technology while emboldening our students in the management of a rigorous academic load. These are just a few examples of how we educate today’s learners for tomorrow’s opportunities.