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    ¡Bienvenido a la clase de español de la Sra. González



    Students in 8th grade will practice Spanish every day and complete Level 1 at the middle school. Although our classroom experience is dynamic and interactive, I am sensitive to students’ different levels of comfort. There will be a wide range of activities for students to participate in, including conversational dialogs, skits, music, movement, and games that will serve as bridges and incentives toward developing a proficiency in basic Spanish conversation and a strong appreciation for Spanish and Latin American cultures. Students are expected to follow classroom rules, come prepared to class, participate in activities and complete homework assignments. Please review the following information:



     Students are responsible for coming to class prepared with the following items:

    • lap top 
    • pencil
    • notebook/folder



    Grades will be based on the following categories and weighted at the following percentages:


    Homework and classwork: 15%

    Participation: 20%

    Projects and writing: 25%

    Tests and quizzes: 40%


    Students are expected to make an effort to follow directions and speak in Spanish—even if it means saying, I don’t understand (No comprendo).  No opportunity will be missed to apply authentic language in the classroom. In addition, it is recommended that students study Spanish vocabulary independently (class notes, workbook and online resources) 10-15 minutes nightly, Monday through Thursday. Short repetition every day is preferred over a long study session the evening before a test.

    A few of the many benefits of learning Spanish:

    • Increase self-confidence
    • Improve school performance
    • Appreciate other cultures and build bridges between communities
    • Early advantage toward one day becoming bilingual
    • Strengthen understanding of English

    General Goals

    • To hear and respond to simple directions in Spanish
    • To build vocabulary related to thematic units
    • To produce oral language by imitating, singing, rhyming and responding with learned words and phrases.
    • To exchange basic information and interact with peers, using phrases and  questions
    • Introduce formalized study of parts of speech, adjective agreement and placement in sentence structure, subject pronouns, and verb conjugations
    • Develop creative studying techniques for life-long learning of a foreign language

    I look forward to working with you over the course of the year. Please know you can email me with any questions or concerns, write a note, or leave a voice message, and I will return your call.


    Señora González

    610-282-3700 ext. 6116


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