Bienvenidos-Bienvenue a la clase de la señora Gruver-Madame Gruver - Homework


    Bienvenue     -     Bienvenidos
    a la classe de         a la clase de
      Madame Gruver      la Senora Gruver


      This web page is to provide students, parents and anyone interested access to my classroom
    This is an introductory level language class that focuses on basic communication skills. Reading, writing, listening, conversation, and cultural awareness.
    Spanish/French  7-grade is an exploratory course in which the students will be exposed to the targeted language. This course will be taught in a period of one semester meeting two times a week. The course will cover basic understanding with emphasis in grammar and speaking skills as well as cultural events of the target languages. Students will have test and quizzes throughout the semester and a final exam at the end of the semester.
    The 8-grade Spanish/French level 1 class will meet every day. The course will cover the level 1 material with emphasis on listening, speaking,writing, and reading skills as well as cultural knowledge.
    There will be a number of projects that will be done throughout the year, as well as tests,oral and written quizzes,will be given periodically, and a final exam will be given at the en of the year. 8th. grade students will have to complete a Final Project, which students will have from December to the end of April to complete the Final Project. (See "My Project" Page) Homework and class participation will be counted toward the grade. 
     While this is fun and exciting course, it also requires daily study time and practice. Together we can successfully achieve these goals.