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  • 8th Grade Science

        Welcome to your 8th grade science website.  Here you will find useful information that will guide you through your 8th grade year.  The best way to contact me is via email at  Have a nice day!

    - Mr. Meyers
    Study Island-  You may access study island by clicking on this link.  You may also go to the middle school's website, roll over the students tab, click student center, and click study island.

    Aquatic Food Web Practice-  Follow this link to practice the creation of a food web.

    Explore the Solar System-  Follow this link to go to explore our solar system.  I really like this page because of the abundance of information displayed in such an interactive way.

    Mars Curiosity- Follow this link to learn about the Mars Curiosity rover.

    Solar System Scope- Follow this link to explore a model of the solar system.

    Tycho Brahe-  Follow this link to read about the famous astronomer Tycho.

    Plate Tectonics Online - Click this link to go to the website needed for the plate tectonics assignment.

    My Solar System-  Click this link to go to an interactive solar system simulator.

    Seasons Online-  Click this link to complete the seasons online assignment.

    Phases of the Moon- Click this link to go to an interactive phases of the moon website.